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Frequently Asked Questions

You know the story ... over the years we've been asked stacks of questions and a lot of these have been asked more than once.  So, here's our contribution to the FAQs Hall Of Fame.  We hope that if you have a question to ask you will look here for the answer first.  If not, ask away and if the question is FAQs-worthy we'll add it to the list.  We've tried to categorise the questions under logical headings.

Surf and Snow Gear

I am looking for ski accessories - do you sell them? 

Liquid Glass Oz surf and snow gear is still available on clearance.

Payment Processing

What payment methods do you accept?

Pretty much all you can think of, including good old fashioned cash, if you are able to collect from us. 

We have secure credit card (Visa/Mastercard) processing through checkout, you can opt for direct deposit to our account, or use your Paypal account if you have one.  If you don't mind waiting, we will accept your cheques or money orders, although you will need to wait for cheques to clear before we despatch your order.

I want my order right away.  Can I still pay by direct deposit?

Yes.  Although banks often take a couple of days to move funds from our customers' accounts to ours, it is still possible for us to send your order straight away.  Just make the deposit on the internet as per usual and email us a copy of the bank transaction receipt.  We will then package your order and sent it off.

Postage and Handling

I work during the day.  What's the best shipping address for me to use?

If you won't be home to receive parcels that we send we suggest using your day-time work address.  That way someone can sign for eparcels and you will get them faster.  If parcels are sent to an unattended address they are normally taken to the local post office for collection later.  We can ask Australia Post to leave an item when nobody is home, but there is no guarantee they will comply.  Understand that this is beyond our (anyone's?) control.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

This depends on where you are and how you elected to pay for your order. 

We post products from regional NSW or from our Sydney distribution centre, dependent on stock location. Most orders are sent the very next day and they will reach destinations in the eastern mainland States within just a few days.  If you live in SA, NT, TAS or WA it may take up to 5 or 6 working days.  If you have sent us a cheque please understand that this will take a few days to reach us then another few to clear - it could take up to 10 days, just to get cleared funds in our account, which will slow down delivery times a lot. 

We recommend against using cheques or money orders, especially if you want a swift delivery. If an order is urgent we would suggest that you pay by Paypal or credit card.

I've been waiting more than 5 working days since I placed an order.  Where is my item?

Most people receive their orders in well under 5 days.  

All our products are sent with item tracking.  So, if you have paid for the item then you should have received an email a day or so after payment, giving you the tracking number for the parcel - this will be eParcel or a designated courier (usually TNT, for large items).  NB Sometimes these emails end up in trash/spam folders - look for emails from 'Quantium'.  If you don't get one, then email us and we will help find it for you. 

If you have paid please check the tracking number on the relevant shipping company web site (for smaller items  this will be Australia Post).  The parcel may be awaiting your signature at the local post office.  In some cases, Australia Post has swiftly delivered the item to the local post office, but they have not left a card in your letter/post office box prompting you to come in and pick it up.  

About Paypal eCheques.  Every now and then we've had customers ask why we haven't received their Paypal payment when they thought it was instantly processed.  Every time this has been a Paypal eCheque which, like a normal paper cheque, has to clear first.  Paypal instructs sellers to not send the item until funds are in their accounts. Paypal tells us and the customer when this happens.  If you have plenty of funds in your Paypal account, or if your Paypal account is linked to a credit card, this should not effect you.  However, if you made your payment to Paypal with a deposit from a bank account there can be significant delays.  The funds may have left your account, but they have not yet arrived at Paypal. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning

How do I set up my machine?

We've been asked this question a lot, so we wrote a blog on how you should proceed.  This is general information which is relevant to any ultrasonic cleaner, especially one to be used, safely and legally, in Australia or New Zealand.  The blog has been visited thousands of times by people wanting .  We hope you find it useful too.

I've heard rumours some people are using ultrasonic cleaners in natural therapies.  Is this true?

The answer is yes.  Ultrasonic cleaners are being used in natural therapies.  Ultrasonic cleaners are being used, increasingly, to help in the production of liposomal encapsulated vitamin C which advocats claim to be useful in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments. If this is of interest to you, perhaps you might like to see some videos on Youtube.  We've also included some links to an Australian store selling products available on line for this purpose. If you are near Bairnsdale VIC, drop by and see Graham Dixon at the Bairnsdale Nutrition Centre for personal service (tel 03 5152 4257):

How do I check that my  ultrasonic cleaner is working?

Ever wondered if the machine is doing what it is supposed to?  How do you know that the machine is really generating ultrasonic waves that will clean your dirty gear?  If it is churning up the water it does not always mean it's blasting the gunk off old parts that you want cleaned.  

Visit our blog on testing the function of your ultrasonic cleaner.

Is ultrasonic cleaning safe for every object?

In general, ultrasonic cleaning is a very safe process that gives sparkling clean results for a huge variety of items with even the grottiest of contaminants.  However, there are some items which should stay out of the cleaner.  For instance, count out opals and a number of the softer gemstones, such as tarzanite, plus artificial diamonds and any stone with 'inclusions' or cracks. Solid gold, sterling silver, and of course, 'real' diamonds (without flaws), will cause no trouble at all.

If you are in any doubt please refer the item to the supplier, or if you get no joy there, ask us and we'll do our best to research your question.  

NB Do NOT place any part of your body in the cleaning tank while the cleaner is operating.  Immersing human body parts into the ultrasonic tank water while the machine is operating has been linked to early onset of arthritus.   We have seen the results ourselves and they are not pretty.  Please do NOT try this and make doubly sure that children are kept well away.

How long should I leave the items in the tank for cleaning?

That depends.  The more contaminated an item is, the longer it will take to be cleaned.  Try it and see - run bursts of, say 5-10 minutes, until you get the results you want.  It will help if the water in the tank is warmed and if you add a few drops of dishwashing detergent.  It also helps if the tank is not 'crowded' - the more items to be cleaned the longer it will take. If you are trying to clean lots of items at a time, expect it to take a while and set the timer accordingly.

What sort of people might need an ultrasonic cleaner?

Almost anybody. Ultrasonics are for jewellers (obviously), motor vehicle wreckers, auto mechanics, mower repairmen, aeronautical engineers, 3D printer cleaning, SCUBA dive equipment repair guys, marine mechanics, fisher people, tatooists, lapidary hobbyists, recreational shooters, naterual therapists, dentists, vets, doctors surgeries and in fact virtually every household.

Do I always have to keep water up near the top of the tank?

You bet.  Keeping water above 2/3rds tank level is critical.  We recommend keeping the water within 3 cms of the top of the tank - all our machines are shipped with a clear label showing the min recommended water level. 

Ultrasonic cleaning depends on liquid medium in the tank.  Cleaning will ONLY occur when the object to be cleaned is covered by liquid in the tank.  Furthermore, heated machines can quickly fail if the water level is allowed to drop too far, or if the tank is drained before the water cools.  When this occurs the heating pad can burn out and resultant damage would not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. 

NB Please note that if the cleaner is not switched off after the cleaning cycle the heater may still keep the water at the set temperature.  For tradesmen wanting rapid cleaning action, this is ideal because the tank temperature will stay where they want it all the time.  But it also means that the water level needs to be monitored.  If you cannot monitor the water level we recommend turning the machine OFF or setting the thermostat at zero C after cleaning each job.

To protect your investment, keep water at the correct level and always follow the instructions in the user manual.

My old carbie won't fit in the basket very well. Can I just remove the basket to help it fit?

Please don't. The basket is there for a reason. Sure, it takes up some room in the tank, but you actually need some clearance between the object you want cleaned and the tank base and sides for it to clean properly. Since the cleaner requires a liquid medium to do its job, if the cleaning object is against the tank sides or base it will not be cleaned properly. You can actually cause damage if you don't use the basket.

If your carbie is too big we'd suggest you try cleaning it in two cycles, or buy a larger machine. This will be cheaper than replacing the machine you already have.  Want some pointers on cleaning your gummed up carbies?  Check out our blog.

I'm a recreational shooter who wants to clean his fired cartridges.  How do I do that?

Shooters are a big part of our market and many clubs have bought our larger units to help mentor the younger members in preparation of ammo and cleaning of their firearms.

Cleaning fired brass cartridges is much easier than you think.  It is also cheap and need not be messy or excessively noisy - and certainly a lot kinder on the ears of the family, than the vibratory tumbers we used to have operating around the house!  Visit our blog on the fired brass cleaning procedure for some useful hints.  No need for expensive or caustic cleaning solutions either - a little light reading of our Blog could save your money, a lot of effort, mess and our environment.

There's a lot of corrosion in my gear.  What can you suggest?

The ultrasonic is great for cleaning and it will help remove flaking bits of rust and other types of corrosion on metal surfaces.  If you have a real problem with silver or other metals tarnishing, we would recommend using a little ammonia in the tank as you're operating the cleaner.  If it persists, then soak the item in the tank for up to an hour.  That often does the trick.  If not, use a toothbrush wrapped in a soft cloth.   Dip the brush in the tank solution and carefully rub the tarnished area.  For tarnished items, especially jewellery, try this blog

If your item is seriously affected by exposure to salt air or salt water you could try something from the Salt X range of products.  We have a number of customers who maintain SCUBA diving equipment who swear by the stuff. Read about it here. And yes, we carry it too.

I have another question you don't have in your FAQs page.  Can I ask you something else?

Sure.  Send us an email and ask away.  If it's a good one we'll add it to the collection.

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