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Ultrasonic Cleaner LGO 150W-57HM



Ultrasonic Cleaner LGO 150W-57HM


  • Our own brand of commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner
  • Local support from people who know their equipment
  • Fingertip instant twin dial controls
  • 5.7litres tank capacity, with 150Watts of industrial strength cleaning power
  • 30 minute timer - compare this to others that give you only seconds. 
  • Ultrasonic frequency - 40KHz - this is generally favoured as a better cleaning frequency than the 25KHz which was used in the previous generation of ultrasonic cleaners 
  • Carry Handles  - convenient to move your machine from place to place and to make emptying the dirty used solution much easier  
  • Stainless steel case and tank
  • Heater - up to 80C - to save time on cleaning jobs.
  • Includes cover and basket
    • Basket dimensions - this will govern the largest object you can place inside and clean in one cycle
      • Top of basket 30 x 15 cm
      • Bottom of basket 25 x 10 cm
      • Depth from top 14 cm
    • NB An item which can fit into the basket, say width x lengthwise, but extends out of the tank somewhat, can still be cleaned effectively, as long as the ultrasonic cleaning medium can access all of the object to be cleaned in more than one cycle.  This means that a larger object of say dimensions 40 cm long x 8 cm diameter could be cleaned in the basket of this tank by cleaning one end, then swapping to clean the other end after the first has been cleaned.
  • 6 month back to base warranty

Approved Australian supplier N 18973

We've sold hundreds of these reliable commercial grade cleaners to customers in a variety of fields from jewellery, to mechanics, electrical engineers, dive equipment servicemen, vets, tatooists and even dentists and recreational shooters.  Designed specifically for commercial use in Australia, these units are great for most cleaning purposes you can imagine.  See our FAQs page or our Blogs for more info.



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